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How to judge the good and bad of the carpet? (二)
Jan 05, 2018

How to judge the good and bad of the carpet? (二)

Carpet backing peel strength:

On the back of the tufted carpet latex glued with a layer of cloth mesh, according to standard backing peeling strength greater than 25N force value index. When consumers choose such carpets, they can gently tear the bottom cloth with a hand, so as to see that the degree of adhesive force, such as the adhesive force is not high, the bottom cloth is easy to separate from the carpet body, and such carpet is not durable.

Look at the appearance quality:

Consumers in the selection of carpet, carpet to see whether the formation of the surface of the carpet, blanket side flat, without blemish and oil spots, color, especially the purchase of tufted carpet to see whether there is a blanket back lining, and glue seepage phenomenon, avoid carpet laying appear drum, inequality and use. Lose the comfortable and beautiful appearance.





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