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Is the carpet thin or thick?
Nov 16, 2017

Is the carpet thin or thick?

When consumers are shopping, we hope to value for money, and we Chinese people like to feel the touch when shopping, and think that no matter what, thick big must be better than thin, carpet thick or thin good?

The thickness of carpet generally is under the influence of working life, but also the fundamental need to consider from the aspect of technology, export carpets do not add calcium carbonate layer in the production process, we can see the white part, so the whole carpet thickness decreased, but more flexibility is good, and domestic sales, customers are compared with normal reference thickness, the proportion of that thin, cheap, poor quality, in fact, only the necessary function of different.

The carpet is not limited to the weight of the thickness of the carpet, because it belongs to the standard product, the thickness is almost the same, but in the process and flower type. This blanket covered with non standard products, thickness weight and material proportion, technical parameters of different standards, large price difference.





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