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PVC carpet will have formaldehyde pollution?
Nov 03, 2017

PVC carpet will have formaldehyde pollution?

That PVC carpet over the water, then water, sunlight, dry after zaipu.

Through the daily method except new house formaldehyde, generally divided into two kinds of circumstances: the first is a temporary solution, second is a permanent cure. The best way is to purchase a temporary ventilation fan assisted ventilation. Formaldehyde dissolved in water, the best way to cure the water is clean furniture, diligent mopping the floor, can pass through the water of household goods, curtains, mats, etc., all over the water, accelerate the improvement of the new home environment. If some furniture is too high formaldehyde, it is recommended to buy formaldehyde spray, or seal the surface with wood wax. Finally, it is not, please professional in addition to formaldehyde mechanism, but always remember that there is a furniture formaldehyde glue inside, is slowly volatile, there is no way, can let the formaldehyde volatilization end.





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