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The carpet cleaning and maintenance of the carpet cleaning method how to clean the household carpets?
Dec 22, 2017

The carpet cleaning and maintenance of the carpet cleaning method how to clean the household carpets?

In modern metropolis, people's homes must be covered with carpets. But for a long time, carpet has accumulated lots of dirty things. How can we clean it up? Xiaobian today will invite experts to teach you how to clean carpet.

First of all, if we buy new carpet, we must clean it as often as possible. It's better to use vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the surface every day. If we wait until dust and stains are cleaned up for a long time, it will be more trouble.

How do the carpet stains be washed?

If oil stains are stained, we can choose the mixture of gasoline and laundry powder, then evenly spread on the oil stains. After a night, then wash with warm water to remove oil stains.

If this is tea or coffee stains, can be used to remove glycerol

Or you can first use dry cloth or paper to absorb water, and then mixed the same amount of liquor and alcohol sprinkled on the stains, use dry cloth to wipe clean. If there is no liquor, vinegar also has the same effect. In view of this, if the home left to drink liquor, will make good use of home cleaning, maintenance. In addition to coffee, food stains, including black tea, which are easily stained with color, can also be removed in the same way.

Juice stains can be removed from diluted ammonia solution

How to clean the carpet in large area and how to dust it. We can dip the broom in soapy water, then clean the carpet, and sprinkle some salt while cleaning the carpet. Because salt can absorb dust, even small dust dust, can also be cleaned and clean. At the same time, it can make the carpet more durable and often make the color bright. Finally, clean the water and dry it. Usually it can be put in the sun to dry, and then gently pat the carpet to get out of the dust.





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