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What's the knack of keeping carpets fresh every day?
Oct 16, 2017

What's the knack of keeping carpets fresh every day?

The carpet has many advantages, such as good elasticity, appearance, sound absorption and so on, but in the summer if the room is also covered with wool carpet, feeling a little less fresh, so many people are considering to take a temporary summer carpet, until soon winter and then let them work out. Although the carpet biggest drawback is to take care of some trouble, but as long as the timely cleaning of dust, proper maintenance, carpet service life is still quite long.

Decontamination tips

(1) tea, coffee, soy sauce or beer and other dirt: can use carpet special cleaning solution, borax liquid or washing liquid and other cleaning agent, brush with repeated cleaning can be removed, and then clean with water.

(2) tomato paste, sauce and other sticky things: the use of paper napkins and other absorbent strong object to absorb stains, clean, and then brush with repeated cleaning, clean water can be.

(3) egg white, milk, ice cream and other lipid objects: first wash with warm water and washing liquid, and then use special volatile degreasing agent to remove fat. Reminder: hot water should not be used. Because the protein being heated easy curing, not easy to remove fouling, but also make carpets deformation.

Daily maintenance

In use, carpet should try to avoid strong sunlight, so as not to make the carpet aging fade. In the furniture legs touch the carpet, should be placed cushion or mobile furniture often; for serious wear parts, in addition to cover with cover to protect, but also change the use of location. Because the carpet surface fiber, easy to accumulate dust, the best way is to often use vacuum cleaner along the direction of hair suction, so that you can keep the carpet clean.





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