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What's the price of nylon PVC carpet?
Nov 16, 2017

What's the price of nylon PVC carpet?

Many people think that the carpet carpet as long as there are technical parameters, such as carpet thickness, material, specifications and so on, you can know the price of the carpet, but in fact it is not. In addition to the conventional technical parameters, the price of square carpet has a great relationship with the process pattern, the amount of sand consumption, and the variety of the yarn.

Why some customers say, the same is nylon material, PVC bottom back, thickness of about 7mm, the price has 10-20 yuan, a gap of square meters. This is because although all nylon carpet, but nylon yarn brand is different, the cost of natural difference, imported yarn brand than domestic yarn price is high, import brand different price also has difference, nylon single 6 and double 6 price is also different. In addition, the pattern of the product is different, the complexity of the process also determines the price.

Therefore, for the standard carpet carpet products, choose a good style, you can know the exact price, otherwise you can only understand the average price range





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