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Why is office carpet so popular?
Nov 28, 2017

Why is office carpet so popular?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, for interior decoration requirements are increasingly high, many companies will choose to shop on the carpet, appropriate office furniture and carpet in addition to employees to bring efficiency and comfort, but also can heighten their company's thoughts and ideas to do justice. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and purchasing skills of office carpets.

Office carpets have the following advantages:

(1) because the office carpet has a fine and beautiful pattern and color, it can play a very good role in decoration.

(2) office carpet can be sound absorption, noise reduction, create a quiet office atmosphere;

(3) the material of the office carpet has the performance of heat insulation and heat conduction.

(4) because walking on the office carpet is very safe, it is not easy to slip, and even if it slips carelessly, the office carpet has a very good protective effect.

As the office carpet, need a few basic requirements is the first to environmental protection, because many decoration materials will be the release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde in this category; secondly, the office staff is more general noise places are relatively large, so in the office block or block laying carpet. You can also use different materials, so it is more convenient to clean; third, laying in the office carpet need close texture, not suitable for very high hair, this chair is more convenient, but it also must wear resistant, anti-static, anti pollution and have very strong.





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