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A Beautiful Bedroom Can't Leave A Good Carpet
Dec 13, 2017

A beautiful bedroom can't leave a good carpet

The meaning of a carpet can be comfortable, can be a trend, can be creative, but also to make the taste of the home a little stronger. Furniture in order to be practical can not play too big patterns, it is necessary to rely on the accessories of the carpet to do, the interesting carpet is absolutely a very beautiful scenery. Especially in the winter, and soon after the year, choose a proper carpet, let the bedroom look beautiful and beautiful.

1. colourful colors

Colorful things are always attractive, but we always worry that the large area of bright colors will make carpets become abrupt and not easy to match. In fact, we need to pay attention to the same color accessories, wallpapers and so on, so we don't have to worry about them. Of course, the premise is their temperament is consistent.

2. heteromorphic system

Rugs in irregular shapes look different. If you're trying to make a home in a modern style, let the carpets help.

3. chic pattern system

In recent years, animal fur lines and exotic patterns are becoming more and more popular, and this kind of visual impact carpets can create a sense of scene for the living room.

4. Creative Department

The carpets with big brain holes are suitable for the living room with small objects to highlight the taste of home. These creative carpets are also very interesting. Made the egg, the lawn, the game handle... At home, it is absolutely a very beautiful scenery.





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