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B&F Back From 122th Canton Fair
Nov 10, 2017

  As we all know that, the Canton Fair is a traditional form of internationaltrade.It has more than 50 years history.Every time this fair will attract thousands of suppliers and buyers to come to see the “Big Show” in south China ,Guangzhou.The fair contributed more than we know to Guangzhou's booming


  We B&F attend the Canton Fair every edition,twice a year.We usually attend the Phase 2 and Phase 3 in one edition,almost 15days.Everyone feel tired but exciting.For the 122th Canton Fair,we received more than 250pcs business card,which means more customer to the sales.IMG_4571.JPG



  We met our old customers ,communicate with “Does this product sell well in your market?”“I want 5 20’containers this time.”  And talk with new customers,introduce our new products for them,help them to get to know our prodcuts,and figure it out whether the products will be popular in their market or not.


  Maybe we see you at 123th Canton Fair,we will be there as usual ,will you be there?