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Basic Introduction Of Ground Mats
Dec 31, 2017

The market for customized cushion material is various, it is easy to make ordinary consumers confused. Under the introduction of the common types of ground mat materials and their characteristics, when buying can be a good number, so as not to be "flicker".

1, polyamide: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deform, easy to produce electrostatic, in case of fire will be dissolved locally.

2, the wear resistance of nylon polyester: second, heat and light fastness.

3, polypropylene fiber: light quality, good elasticity, high strength; rich in raw materials, good wear resistance, low price.

4, acrylic fiber: soft, warm, good elasticity, soft texture, soft color, not easy to drop hair, the back has a slip design, but water absorbability is not strong, poor wear resistance.

5. cotton: cotton material, water absorbing material Lijia; plasticity is good, can make different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can use collocation mat.

6. superfine fiber: water absorbency is 1.5-2 times that of pure cotton, fiber fineness is 1/10 of pure cotton, touch is more soft than pure cotton, fiber density is very small, it is not easy to stick and dirty, and it is more convenient to maintain and clean.

7.: using natural coconut coir fiber recycling and environmental protection; durable, natural color and color printing; can effectively remove dirt and sand sole, easy cleaning.

8. rubber flocking: good drainage, fast, and tough, durable, beautiful appearance, long service life; not only has the anti slip function, can effectively help scrape sole sediment, it is easy to clean.