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Feature And Function Of Ground Mat
Dec 31, 2017

The installation is stable, and it is not easy to slide into a wave shape because of the passing of heavy objects such as a cart or a wheelchair.

The products are buried in the ground, the surface is flat and the ground is flat, and it will not trip down the pedestrians; it is convenient to push and pull the door, and the cart passes, so it is very convenient and safe.

The product has a good function of dedusting and skidding, and can effectively prevent sediment and dust from being repeatedly brought into the room and keep the ground clean.

It can avoid the friction between the sand, the impurities and the ground, and protect the surface smoothness of the ground stone.

The surface layer is a variety of material, good decoration, gorgeous and beautiful, deeply loved by friends.

Its load-bearing capacity can reach 2000 catties per square meter under the standard rolling.

Long life, and wear resistant surface damage can also be replaced alone, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and reduce maintenance costs.