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How Big Is The Size Of The Bedroom Carpet?
Dec 06, 2017

How big is the size of the bedroom carpet

The bedroom carpet is usually laid on the bed side or bedside. The length of the carpet is suggested to be laid to the foot of the bed or at the distance from the foot of the bed 2-5cm, and the width is arbitrary. If you choose a small carpet, it is usually placed on the side of the bed. This kind of carpet is a small lump carpet, which mainly plays a decorative role. The effect of placement can be referred to the effect map of the bedside carpet.

Bedroom carpet size can be random, according to the size of the room and what you want to achieve a reasonable choice of the size of the size. Now many carpets are customizable, so as long as they meet the needs of interior design, the size of the bedside carpet can be arbitrary, and the general length is 140 centimeters.





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