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How To Choose The Best Handmade Carpet
Oct 23, 2017

How to choose the best handmade carpet

How to buy handmade carpets? Buy handmade carpet first look at the carpet raw materials, fine wool and silk is the quality guarantee of quality, the friends want to buy handmade carpet and Beijing carpet manufacturers carefully to learn about ways to buy handmade carpets.

Handmade carpet is hand-made YISHION, YISHION wool and silk as material, and through the pattern design, color matching, yarn dyeing, warp, hand knotted, flat piece of blanket, blanket, blanket, washing, dressing and other cast cut a dozen steps produced. Such exquisite handicrafts also make his production process sometimes lasting for months or even longer.

And then look at the manufacturing process. At present the world knitting carpet technology is also different, but the purchase of the reason is very simple, the back view of carpet is strong and tightly knotted the traditional methods such as 8 words, Turkey is buckle buckle to make carpet more solid and tight.

Third it is very important that the carpet most of the attention to detail, such as deep dark color and text in the overall color carpet. These are all carpets that can't be reached in any way, and this is also the artistic value of handmade carpets.

The color of the carpet and woven nor handmade carpets, handmade carpets that no vivid expression, in addition to the carpet itself, for the tone style, but also to choose their own, and Home Furnishing or required environment coordination, collocation.





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