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How To Choose The Healthy Household Carpet Produced By The Carpet Manufacturer?
Dec 13, 2017

How to choose the healthy household carpet produced by the carpet manufacturer?

The carpet is now a carpet manufacturers more popular decorative materials, beautiful carpet can easily become a place to gather shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, dust, viruses, bacteria, parasites, mites, carpeting in the family, in the summer months, the best time to clean the carpet, regularly (at least annually into the summer) with special detergent or cleaning the carpet carpet cleaning carpet carpet manufacturers please.

Carpet manufacturers produce a wide variety of carpets on the market, with different styles and different prices. However, the quality of chemical fiber carpet produced by some carpet manufacturers is not reassuring. It is mainly the volatile organic compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde, and benzene and benzene compounds in the unqualified adhesives, which will cause harm to human health.

We must first understand the nature of carpet fibers, the easiest way is to draw a few root from wool carpet, lit the flame, smell and ashes according to the judgment, pure wool carpet fiber without burning flame, with the wool taste, after burning solid black shiny, fragile; no flame combustion of nylon fiber. Quickly curled up, after burning hard evil color hard sphere; polyester burning, the flame is very bright yellow, after burning black lumps, fingers can be crushed; acrylic burns with a bitter smell, after burning very crisp black and hard sphere; polypropylene combustion flame yellow, formed after the cooling is not easy crushed lump. According to these phenomena, it is easy to judge the material of the carpet.





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