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How To Deal With The Ground Before Carpet Laying In Bedroom?
Nov 09, 2017

How to deal with the ground before carpet laying in bedroom?

Because we are carpet enterprises, specializing in home type full carpet, now in the country, there is no high degree of people, can not understand why the house full of carpet

Get to the point:

The first: interior decoration completed, stone, wood veneer has done mirror treatment; indoor furniture or debris piled up (convenient construction)

Second: Cement self leveling is done or the mirror treatment, don't play sand;

Third: water, electricity, the acceptance of qualified, waterproof should do well;

Ps: even if you don't use the carpet, that's what you do

Fourth: line pipe, water pipe, geothermal, such as laying along the corner, as a mark.

Fifth: kick the bottom of the floor from the ground to reserve carpet thickness -1mm height

Sixth: the bottom of the door from the ground reserved carpet thickness +1cm height (otherwise the door can not open)

Seventh: door carpet and hard ground material handover place, reserved carpet thickness +1mm drop

Fifth to seventh, we must pay attention to, this is from the beautiful and practical point of view

By the way, according to the personal economic situation, try to buy high quality carpet, can ensure good carpet appearance and performance in the future use.





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