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How To Distinguish The Pros And Cons Of PVC Carpet?
Oct 28, 2017

How to distinguish the pros and cons of PVC carpet?

1, the first is the PVC carpet fold, the back end is observed in PVC cracking or white mark phenomenon, if there is no such phenomenon, that is the high quality PVC carpet, high quality carpet is not easy to fold, easy to tear, not easy to deformation under pressure. Otherwise it is inferior carpet, seriously affect the service life.

2, measuring the edge problem is very simple, the ruler inserted under the carpet, observe the carpet and the horizontal surface of the degree of fit, tight degree of carpet is good carpet, the laying effect is the best, the ground is neat. Bad carpet will have serious quality difference problem. The problem is not smooth, seam obviously, the user experience great inconvenience.

3, for the identification of PVC carpet nap, is with a coin on the carpet and friction several times, and then check the carpet surface, the carpet surface did not change it is the poor quality of the carpet carpet, straight will have a trace of friction. This is inconvenient to use in office, and there is fuzzing in the office roller seat and corridor space.

4, PVC carpet antifouling identification is very important, in the production process of anti pollution treatment better carpet, in daily use can waterproof, dustproof. The inferior carpet which is not treated is easy to dirty, and it is not cleaned well, and the maintenance cost is increased.

5, PVC square carpet of environmental protection is very important, inspection is also very simple, as long as a slight smell, if there are irritating odor, such as formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful gas taste, it is not up to standard. And health and environmental protection carpet is not any peculiar smell, consumers must buy a certain length of mind.





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