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How To Identify Carpet Quality?
Nov 09, 2017

How to identify carpet quality?

There are two main ways to check the density and elasticity of short carpets. First of all, can use the thumb on the carpet, as quickly restored after, said woven cashmere density and flexibility are better; or the carpet bending, more difficult to see the mat, said plush weaving more compact, more durable; as for the content of villi, can see the label instructions.

Carpet material, weave structure and processing are in different environment to decide, therefore, the purchase can also be based on individual needs, according to the different spatial selection of different materials, colors and specifications of the carpet.

When choosing carpet, pay attention to the location of laying and the amount of walking. Frequent around areas such as the entrance, the hall will choose a higher density, wear-resistant carpet (such as the short loop velvet, velvet twist); activity in places such as the bedroom, you can choose a plush high, soft carpet (such as velvet); the type of stair should choose durable, non slip the usually labeled for stairs. At the top of the stairs to avoid the long flat ring of carpet, because the bottom of blanket is easily exposed in stair edge; the spots easily place, such as the dining room and so on, are advised to use the antifouling carpet treatment to facilitate cleaning.

Generally speaking, plain and there is no pattern of the carpet is easy to show besmirch and footmark; dust carpet usually surface on the blanket surface exposed stains, but easy to clean up dust pollution, and is within easy in Terry blanket bottom dust, difficult to remove. High quality carpet not fade, mildew, moth and flame retardant special processing. The carpet surface requires smooth dense, clear lines, no color difference; blanket surface and blanket back no wear, such as irregular thickness, density, thickness, throwing needle show, more defects, is of poor quality. Hand touch test, the thickness should be enough, uniform thickness, gently press the hand, let go, carpet surface immediately restored to the original, no "inverted hair" phenomenon. After the floor, the pattern is symmetrical, uniform cutting, three-dimensional. If the color is different, the monotony is inferior. Check whether the back is firm, whether there is sparse phenomenon, tough back, no cracking phenomenon. As the base line, plastic cracking, is not qualified.





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