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Principle Of Printing
Mar 02, 2017

According to the printed version of the printed part and no print part of the printing process, the principle of printing, can be divided into physical printing (Physical Printing) and chemical printing (ChemicalPrinting) two categories.

Physical printing, ink in the printed part of the pile is completely a kind of bulk load, no printed part of the concave or convex, and the print part of the height of different and can not stained with ink, any of its blank, Ink transferred to the printed matter, only a physical mechanical role. General letterpress printing, gravure printing, stencil printing, dry lithographic printing, etc., are physical printing (printing surface above or below the non-printed surface).

Chemical printing, printing plate without printing part (non-printed surface) is not stained with ink, not by the part of the concave, convex, or blocked, but because of chemical action, to produce water-repellent film Dictate. Although the printed part of the (printing surface) ink and water repellent, no part of the water absorption ink, water and grease against each other, is still a physical phenomenon, but in the printing process, Ink of the film, it is a chemical printing. Lithographic printing press printing, that is, such as. Cover the sink solution, must be added to the class and glue substances, so that the source of the supply of carboxyl groups of mucus layer, in order to maintain the printing plate part of the non-printing surface is not oil contamination.

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