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Print Use
Mar 02, 2017

Due to the different types of printing business, the use of different. Such as book printing, news printing, advertising printing, banknote printing, map printing, stationery printing, special printing and so on.

Books and magazines printed, in the past using letterpress printing. More gradually use lithography.

News printing, in the past to do with the relief printing machine, because of its fast and large print also. Near to meet the needs of color, switch to lithography or gravure printing machine.

Advertising printing, including color pictures, pictorial, posters, etc., most of the use of lithography, or between the use of letterpress, gravure or stencil printing.

Banknotes and other securities printed to gravure printing, must also be a letterpress and flat version of the auxiliary, and make its full power.

Map printing is suitable for photographic lithography. Because of its large size, high precision, more color, printed less, and the original and more monochrome also.

Stationery printing, such as envelopes, letterheads, invitations, business cards, books, books, etc., must be low cost, a large number of printing, and thus the quality of the times, so much to offset printing priority.

Packaging and printing, such as various types of sugar beet vegetables, candy, biscuits, candied fruit, such as the use of various types of packaging corrugated boxes and the layout of the wall with the wallpaper, are more gravure printing.