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PVC Printing Mat Put The Room Good Or Good Outdoor?
Oct 30, 2017

Will be a lot of people have such a doubt: What is the PVC Printing Mat is good in the room, or the door is good?

Some people think that the door is better, because so, the room can be more clean; and some people think that the room better.

1. Kitchen: kitchen in front of the PVC Printing Mat is mainly to stop the kitchen of water, oil, ground and other stolen goods. Therefore, where the PVC Printing Mat should be placed outside the kitchen, but also take into account the convenience of the kitchen work - can prevent cooking people are not stumbled by the door, but also to prevent cooking too much, the PVC Printing Mat kicked.

2. balcony and stairs: the main play non-slip, anti-dirty role, especially at home with children old man. Therefore, the mat should be placed in a slippery place.

3. Entry: role: decontamination, dust. More common is placed outside the door to prevent back from the outside when the shoes on the soil to take home.

4. Bathroom: play the role of water absorption, but also the most used in the family, it is recommended to use cotton mattress. Placed outside the toilet.

5. Entrance: used to protect the floor, to reduce the wear on the floor. In the door.

★ recommendations: If conditions permit, we can at home inside and outside the door put a door mat. Outside the door, the door put the PVC Printing Mat can make you a lot easier, so that we clean up the shoes at the same time, the guests do not have to enter the door for shoes so much trouble.

Extracurricular knowledge: PVC Printing Mat size of the election?

PVC Printing Mat if you buy too much or too small, the results will affect the overall home environment.

Therefore, we should understand the following common sense: the general size of home PVC Printing Mat is 60 * 80cm, 120 * 80cm. Of course, if your door size is special, you can also measure the width of the door, and then make a decision.