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The Benefits Of A Square Carpet (two)
Dec 22, 2017

The benefits of a square carpet (two)

1, clean and dustproof

The square carpet surface for intensive pile structure, by pile carpet adsorption the fate of dust from the air, preventing fugitive dust, relatively reduce the dust content in the air, keep indoor air clean.

2. Sound absorption and noise reduction

The square carpet can absorb the echo noise in the room, reduce the sound through the ground, wall reflection and propagation, and create a quiet home environment.

3. Safety and antiskid

Walking on a square carpet is not easy to slip. It is also because the softness and elasticity of carpet will greatly reduce the possibility of injury due to falling, especially for the elderly and children, and it can play a role of safety protection.

4, environmental protection and energy saving

Most of the carpets are woven from natural and artificial fibers, which can be recycled without cutting down the forest like the floor and destroying the environment.

5, decoration environment

square carpet are rich in patterns and colors. They can choose suitable carpets to create comfortable and comfortable living space according to cultural accomplishment, living habits and personal preferences. The exquisite carpet carpet can embody the master's good cultural taste and respected social status.





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