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The Structure Of The Rubber Pad Is Six
Mar 02, 2017

The arrangement of rubber pads is mainly related to the structural form of the bridge. The following basic principles need to be considered when arranging the bearings:

(1) the upper structure is a spatial structure, the rubber pad should be able to adapt to the bridge along the bridge (X direction) and transverse bridge (Y direction) deformation;

(2) rubber pads must be able to reliably transmit vertical and horizontal reaction;

(3) rubber pads should be due to the deformation of the beam produced by the longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement and longitudinal, constant angle should be as unrestricted as possible;

(4) when the bridge is located on the slope, fixed rubber pad should be located in the main driving direction of the front abutment;

(5) rubber pads should be set in a place with a large pad reaction;

(6) Several rubber pads on the same bridge should have similar rotational stiffness;

In short, the bridge rubber pad layout principle is to facilitate the transmission of the reaction force, but also to make the rubber pad can fully adapt to the free deformation of the beam.