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What Is The Polypropylene Carpet? How About Its Material
Feb 16, 2018

What is the polypropylene carpet? How about its material

Polypropylene fiber is the Chinese commodity name of isotactic polypropylene fiber, and the foreign goods are named Merak (Meraklon). Isotactic polypropylene fiber is referred to as polypropylene fiber for short. Polypropylene carpet is a fiber made of polypropylene as raw material. It has good crystallinity and strength. Moreover, the polypropylene fiber has good long chain flexibility, so it has good wear resistance and elasticity.

Physical and chemical properties of polypropylene carpet material: density and strength

Polypropylene is particularly light in texture, with a density of only 0.91g/cm3, lighter than water, only 60% of cotton, the lightest fiber in all synthetic fibers. High strength fiber, short fiber 35.252.8cN/tex, 4470.4 filament as cN/tex, which is close to the nylon and polyester, especially in the wet, its strength is still not reduced.

Polypropylene fiber is the Chinese commodity name of isotactic polypropylene fiber. The foreign commodity is named Merak fiber (Meraklon). It is one of the important varieties of synthetic fiber. Isotactic polypropylene fiber short polypropylene fiber or PP, using by-product of oil refining, the propylene isotactic catalyst AlEt3 and four titanium chloride polymerized isotactic polypropylene structure, composed of synthetic fiber linear macromolecule polypropylene saturated hydrocarbon composition.

In recent years, in China, carpet will still be the main product of polypropylene fiber. Polypropylene fiber has accounted for more than 90% of the total output of polypropylene fiber. It is estimated that in 2000, China consumes 125 thousand tons of polypropylene fiber, including 50 thousand tons of filament and 75 thousand tons of staple fiber. Production of tufted carpet 50 million meters 2, woven carpet 25 million meters 2, needle carpets 80 million meters 2.

This shows what, this data is a good explanation, the polypropylene fiber carpet in the domestic welcome taste in the outbreak of growth.

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