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What's The Difference Between A Ground Mat And A Carpet?
Jan 12, 2018

What's the difference between a ground mat and a carpet?

Texture of material

The material is mainly carpet with hemp, cotton, silk, wool and other natural grass fiber or synthetic fiber raw materials, by manual or mechanical process of knitting, woven tufted or ground paving material;

The ground mat is mainly made of plastic. The material without carpets is rich and varied, so it is not as precious as the carpet.


Carpets can be made mechanically, and they can be made by hand. The carpet machinery production is very fast, high production efficiency, the appearance of texture and other aspects such as hand woven carpets, but the price is low; and the Handmade carpet that is very exquisite, in the heart a stitch, a lot of blood in the process of the fabric are devoted to the manual.

The making of ground mats is all mechanized, so the craftsmanship of the carpet is exquisite.





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