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What's The Disadvantage Of The Acrylic Carpet?
Feb 16, 2018

How about acrylic carpet:

The reason why acrylic carpets are popular with most people is another important thing is the durability and easy cleaning of acrylic carpets.

Acrylic carpet has good elasticity, anti fouling, anti mildew, moth proofing, easy hair removal, easy cleaning, easy to dry, do not wrinkle, not easy to fade. The surface layer of acrylic carpet is generally used in medium and long fiber. The villi are not easy to fall off, and it is not affected by humidity. It is not moldy or moth. Acrylic carpet fiber is light, plump, strong and good in thermal insulation. At the same time, acrylic carpet is moderate in price, light in weight and good in flame retardancy. Acrylic carpet price is much cheaper than wool carpet, synthetic fiber is lighter than wool, moisture retention is good, hand feel is similar to wool, and it is not easy to burn after flame retardant treatment.

The disadvantages of acrylic carpet are: resilience, heat preservation, light resistance and dyeability are worse than wool carpet; artificial fiber is flammable, easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust. The disadvantages of acrylic carpets can be improved by using modern science and technology. Now most acrylic carpets on the market are anti - combustion and anti - static. When choosing, just check the acrylic carpet.

Conclusion: therefore, consumers should pay attention to the use of acrylic carpet and the characteristics of acrylic carpet, whether they have been protected against fire or static electricity, and choose the most suitable carpet.